Distance Learning – PPL(A)

Distance Learning Course PPL(A) Private Pilot License Aeroplanes
Light Airplane Pilot License

Our Distance Learning Course PPL(A) encompasses the topics below. It is available in paper (high quality color print in binders) and/or as an electronic license via our CAT eBook Viewer (1) .

Note: The theoretical syllabuses for LAPL(A) and PPL(A) are the same. That’s why there is only one course.

• Principles of Flight
• General Navigation
• Mass & Balance
• Electrics
• Operational Procedures
• Flightplanning and -monitoring
• Aircraft General Knowledge
• Radio Navigation
• Instrumentation
• Air-Law
• Human Performance and Limitations
• Meteorology
• Powerplant

This course reduces the required theory time from 100 hours in a classroom to a 10-hours presence seminar in an ATO (Approved Training Organization = flight school) of your choice. The price for this seminar depends on the chosen ATO and is not included in the CAT course.


Distance Learning Course LAPL(A) / PPL(A)
Approved, EASA compliant Distance Learning Course; Support from CAT authors/experts (24/7 Hotline); Training material either paper based and/or eBook license(1); Online-access to stage and final tests and progress reports.
Min. time: 4 weeks. Max. time: 18 month. Additional seminar time (not included): 10hours.
Available in English or German eBooks while seminars are held on English or Croatian language.
eBook(1):   550 €  /  paper: 600 €  /  both:  650 €

We also offer our educational material (scripts) without distance learning status, e.g. for classroom training in a flight school or for self-study.
eBook(1): 199 €  /  paper: 249 €  /  both: 338 €

(1)  The eBook license contains the entire teaching material in electronic format (via the “CAT eBook Viewer” App) for a maximum of 2 devices (supported: Windows and Mac Desktops, Apple iPad  and Android Tablets). Not printable (except for some annexes).

Quoted prices are for students (end customers) in € including the German VAT (if applicable).

In cooperation and project partner CAT – Civil Aviation Europe GmbH (distance learning supplier), ECOS Pilot school – aircharter provide to interested parties bellow numbered Distance Learining training. Trainings are performed on english and german languages.

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